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Table 4 Contribution of risk factors for bacteriologically positive TB and active TB

From: Incidence and risk factors of tuberculosis among the elderly population in China: a prospective cohort study

Risk factorsPrevalence among cohortBacteriologically positive TBActive TB
HRaPAF (%)HRaPAF (%)
Age(≥ 75)0.3661.49815.41.33210.8
Other nationality0.132--5.15235.4
Previously treated with TB0.017--3.1753.6
Ex/current smoking0.1972.11918.11.4848.7
BMI < 18.50.1052.32812.21.2852.9
  1. -: Not applicable; TB Tuberculosis, PAF Population attributable fraction, HR Hazard ratio, BMI Body mass index;