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Table 3 Summary of yaws cases (suspected and confirmed) reported after 1973

From: Yaws in the Philippines: first reported cases since the 1970s

YearChildren>  15 years oldTotalLocationMethod of detectionReported byReference
201741014MindanaoClinical & serological survey (DPP & TPPA)Dofitas BDofitas B, 2017 (current publication)
2012297 women99MindanaoSerological survey (women: RDT & VDRL quanti; children RDT)Kalim SKalim S, 2013 (Unpublished)
2009025.5% pregnant women25.5% pregnant womenMindanaoSerological survey (pre-natal/post-natal screening for syphilis)Medicins Sans Frontieres11
20007741118MindanaoClinical skin surveyDofitas BDofitas B (Unpublished)
  1. DPP Dual Path Platform Syphilis Screen and Confirm Assay, TPPA Treponema Pallidum Particle Agglutination, RDT SD Bioline Syphilis Rapid Diagnostic Test, VDRL Venereal Disease Research Laboratory test.