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Table 3 Key findings on the comorbidity of tuberculosis and mental illness

From: Comorbidities between tuberculosis and common mental disorders: a scoping review of epidemiological patterns and person-centred care interventions from low-to-middle income and BRICS countries

• High co-morbidity of mental illness with TB (name the mental illnesses) and very pronounced with MDR
• Where relationships between mental illness and TB have been shown, we see consistent patterns to those for people without TB: women tend to suffer more depression; men more alcohol; socioeconomic and less education also more associated with more mental illness.
• Relationships bidirectional (most clearly for alcohol use disorders)
• Mental health needs are most pressing during the diagnostic and treatment initiation phases of TB treatment
• Some evidence of resolution of mental illness symptoms with TB treatment, but also concern that for MDR-TB symptoms persist for long periods and even after treatment
• Patterns between TB and mental illness with poverty similar. Poverty associated with higher incidence of both conditions and TB also perpetuates poverty. The combination of poverty, TB and alcohol use disorders appears particularly severe.