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Table 1 Definition of those parameters in the Bats-Hosts-Reservoir-People (BHRP) model

From: A mathematical model for simulating the phase-based transmissibility of a novel coronavirus

nBThe birth rate parameter of bats
nHThe birth rate parameter of hosts
nPThe birth rate parameter of people
mBThe death rate of bats
mHThe death rate of hosts
mPThe death rate of people
1/ωBThe incubation period of bats
1/ωHThe incubation period of hosts
1/ωPThe incubation period of people
1/ω’PThe latent period of people
1/γBThe infectious period of bats
1/γHThe infectious period of hosts
1/γPThe infectious period of symptomatic infection of people
1/γ’PThe infectious period of asymptomatic infection of people
βBThe transmission rate from IB to SB
βBHThe transmission rate from IB to SH
βHThe transmission rate from IH to SH
βPThe transmission rate from IP to SP
βWThe transmission rate from W to SP
aThe retail purchases rate of the hosts in the market
μPThe shedding coefficients from IP to W
μ’PThe shedding coefficients from AP to W
1/εThe lifetime of the virus in W
δPThe proportion of asymptomatic infection rate of people
κThe multiple of the transmissibility of AP to that of IP.