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Table 4 Multivariate analysis of factors associated with yaws (all cases) in the Upper West Akyem and Awutu Senya West districts

From: Factors associated with cutaneous ulcers among children in two yaws-endemic districts in Ghana

VariablesaOR95% CIP-value
Age (years)5.901.97–17.670.002ǂ
Sex (Male)4.151.29–13.360.039ǂ
Handwashing (Not regularly)6.461.89–22.040.003ǂ
Number of persons sharing a bathroom (>  5 persons)3.251.09–9.710.035ǂ
Type of toilet facility (open defecation)3.590.99–12.990.052
Type of housing (Compound house) a25.426.15–105.09<  0.0001ǂ
Sleeping room occupancy (>  4 persons)2.600.79–8.580.117
  1. ǂP < 0.05 means statistically significant; aOR Adjusted odds ratio; acompound house – housing structure with multiple households (> 2) with shared facilities (cooking, bathing, toilets)