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Table 5 Summary of univariate analysis- Factors not significantly associated with yaws (all cases)

From: Factors associated with cutaneous ulcers among children in two yaws-endemic districts in Ghana

VariablescOR (95% CI)P-value
Level of education of caregiver
 Primary1.1 (0.48–2.50)0.83
 Junior High School0.92 (0.36–2.36)0.866
 Senior High School1.05 (0.17–6.60)0.962
Bathing with soap
 No0.99 (0.23–4.11)0.99
Building material
 Cement blockref 
 Mud1.06 (0.51–2.0)0.832
Source of water for household activities
 Pipe borne water
 Bore hole0.58 (0.12–2.66)0.484
 Well1.63 (0.55–4.78)0.375
 Streams/rivers/ponds1.52 (0.59–3.96)0.389
Distance from water source
  < 5 minref 
 5–10 min1.69 (0.60–4.27)0.352
  > 10 min1.81 (0.68–4.85)0.236
  1. cOR Crude odds ratio, CI Confidence interval