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Table 1 Sample size, compliance of stool samples and Schistosoma mansoni infection indices in high and low prevalence villages, Nile Delta Egypt

From: Elimination of schistosomiasis requires multifactorial diagnostics: evidence from high- and low-prevalence areas in the Nile Delta, Egypt

VariableLow prevalence village
High prevalence village
Households examined12366
Population size examined993614
Parasitological data at baseline
(Round I)
 Compliance of stool samples%85.981.1
 GMEC/EPG of infected people30.1104.7
Parasitological data of First annual Follow-up (Round II)
 Compliance of stool samples%7370
 GMEC/ EPG of infected people2041.7
Parasitological data of second annual Follow-up (Round III)
 Compliance of stool samples%7072
 GMEC/ EPG of infected people20.941.7
  1. GMEC Geometric mean egg count, EPG Egg per gram of stool