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Table 2 Parameter description and values of SEIAR model

From: Relative transmissibility of shigellosis among male and female individuals: a modeling study in Hubei Province, China

βmmTransmission relative rate among male individualsIndividuals-1·days-1see text≥ 0Curve fitting
βffTransmission relative rate among female individualsIndividuals-1·days-1see text≥ 0Curve fitting
βfmTransmission relative rate from female to maleIndividuals-1·days-1see text≥ 0Curve fitting
βmfTransmission relative rate from male to femaleIndividuals-1·days-1see text≥ 0Curve fitting
kRelative transmissibility rate of asymptomatic to symptomatic individuals10.31250–1References [17]
pProportion of the asymptomatic10.10.0037–0.2700References [18,19,20]
ωIncubation relative ratedays-110.3333–1.000References [21,22,23]
γRecovery rate of the infectiousdays-10.07410.0477–0.1428References [24, 25]
γ’Recovery rate of the asymptomaticdays-10.02860–0.0357References [17]
fFatality of the disease100.0003–0.0009References [26, 27]
brBirth rate of the population1-0.00002384–0.00003452Hubei Statistical Yearbook
drDeath rate of the population1-0.00001562–0.00001918Hubei Statistical Yearbook
qProportion of male1-0.5078–0.5186Hubei Statistical Yearbook
  1. Note: - : Not applicable;
  2. SEIAR Susceptible–Exposed–Infectious/Asymptomatic–Recovered