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Table 1 Tuberculosis drugs and their application

From: Improvement cues of lesion absorption using the adjuvant therapy of traditional Chinese medicine Qinbudan tablet for retreatment pulmonary tuberculosis with standard anti-tuberculosis regimen

DrugsDosage formFrequencyCure approach per day
Body weight < 50 kgBody weight ≥ 50 kg
Isoniazid (H)TabletOnce a day0.3 g0.3 g
Rifampicin (R)CapsuleOnce a day0.45 g0.6 g
Ethambutol (E)TabletOnce a day0.75 g1.0 g
Pyrazinamide (Z)TabletOnce a day1.5 g2.0 g
Streptomycin (S)InjectionOnce a day0.75 g0.75 g