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Table 3 Association analysis of SNPs in the MBL2 gene under a dominant and recessive genetic model

From: Mannose-binding lectin 2 gene polymorphisms and their association with tuberculosis in a Chinese population

SNP IDGenetic modelCaseControlLogistic Regression
OR (95% CI)PaPadjustedb
rs2099902(C/T + C/C) vs T/T438/552183/3231.544 (1.220–1.954)3.023E-30.020
C/C vs (T/T + C/T)66/92417/4892.055 (1.154–3.659)0.0140.896
rs930507(C/G + G/G) vs C/C409/549175/3301.568 (1.235–1.990)2.211E-40.027
G/G vs (C/C + C/G)46/91218/4871.425 (0.790–2.568)0.2391.000
rs10824793(G/A + G/G) vs A/A565/434247/2591.533 (1.219–1.927)2.544E-40.017
G/G vs (A/A + G/A)106/89341/4651.571 (1.052–2.345)0.0271.000
rs7916582(T/C + C/C) vs T/T237/762104/3981.324 (1.003–1.748)0.0471.000
C/C vs (T/T + T/C)14/9857/4951.065 (0.399–2.841)0.9001.000
  1. aP values from unconditional logistic regression analyses, adjusted for age and gender
  2. bPadjustedP value with Bonferroni correction, the Padjusted value less than 0.05 was considered to be significant