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Table 4 Haplotypes analysis of MBL2 gene polymorphisms with tuberculosis risk

From: Mannose-binding lectin 2 gene polymorphisms and their association with tuberculosis in a Chinese population

HaplotypeTuberculosisControlPaPadjustedbHap. ScorecLogistic RegressionGlobal score test
No.FrequencyNo.FrequencyOR (95% CI)Pd
Block 1: rs10824793-rs7916582Global-stat = 14.57143, df e = 3, P = 0.00222, Psim = 0.00207
 AT132866.3%72371.4%0.000140.00042−3.80391.000 (referent) 
 GT42321.1%17717.5%0.0030.0092.98431.421 (1.152–1.753)0.001
 GC24812.4%11111.0%0.0770.2311.76791.364 (1.055–1.765)0.018
  1. aP value for difference in the haplotype frequency between tuberculosis and control group
  2. bPadjusted, P value with Bonferroni correction, Padjusted value less than 0.05 was considered to be significant
  3. cA positive (or negative) score for a particular haplotype would have suggested that the haplotype was associated with increased (or decreased) risk of Tuberculosis
  4. dP values from unconditional logistic regression analyses, adjusted for age and gender
  5. edf degrees of freedom