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Table 2 Number of episodes and incidence of diarrhea in control and intervention arms by age group of under-five children in rural Dire Dawa, eastern Ethiopia, from October 2018 through January 2019

From: Effect of household water treatment with chlorine on diarrhea among children under the age of five years in rural areas of Dire Dawa, eastern Ethiopia: a cluster randomized controlled trial

Age group (years)Control arm (n = 202)Intervention arm (n = 203)
Number of diarrhea episodesPWODiarrhea incidence (%)Number of diarrhea episodesPWODiarrhea incidence (%)Percentage of reduction (%)
<  13624015.0738488.642.7
<  5446323213.828132488.737.0
  1. PWO person-week observation, Diarrhea incidence = number of diarrhea episodes/100 person- week observation