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Table 1 State variables and initial values in Model (1)

From: Risk estimation and prediction of the transmission of coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) in the mainland of China excluding Hubei province

Definitions State variables Initial values Geweke Source
Susceptible population S(t) 1 336 210 000 [27]
Exposed population E(t) 501.23 0.92956 MCMC
Symptomatic infected population I(t) 0.22839 0.95511 MCMC
Asymptomatic infected population A(t) 991.29 0.81969 MCMC
Isolated susceptible population Si(t) 0 Data
Quarantined infected population Q(t) 0 Data
Infected population in hospitals H(t) 21 Data
Recovered population R(t) 240.76 0.63851 MCMC
Recovered population from hospitals Rh(t) 0 Data
Cumulative number of dead cases in hospitals D(t) 0 Data
Total number of reported cases T(t) 21 Data
  1. MCMC Markov Chain Monte Carlo method; Data COVID-19 daily data excluding Hubei province archived from NHCC