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Table 2 Examples of where COVID-19 could synergize NTD efforts

From: Strategies supporting the prevention and control of neglected tropical diseases during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

Fields in mitigation Opportunities for synergies with NTD control and elimination programmes
Overall surveillance capabilities strengthened in COVID-19 including surveillance sentinel sites May improve NTD surveillance
Political stakeholders Leverage for increased involvement in NTDs
Private stakeholders Leverage for increased involvement in NTDs
Risk communications developed for epidemic prone diseases May support greater community involvement and behavioural changes in NTDs
Media information dissemination Piggybacking opportunity for NTDs
IT capabilities strengthened in COVID-19 Piggybacking opportunity for NTDS
Field logistics Piggybacking opportunity for NTDs
  1. COVID-19 Coronavirus disease 2019, NTDs Neglected tropical diseases, IT Information Technology