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Table 2 Loadings of the factors considered for sensitivity after rotation of the component matrix

From: Climate change induced vulnerability and adaption for dengue incidence in Colombo and Kandy districts: the detailed investigation in Sri Lanka

Factors Principal components (PC)
1 2 3 4 5
Total Population 0.947     
Percentage of Males   0.794    
Percentage of Females   -0.709    
Percentage of population belonging to the age group of 21–40 years   0.708    
Percentage of population above 60 years   0.837    
Total Households    0.886   
Percentage of households disposing waste via Municipal Council      -0.844
Percentage of households disposing that burn waste      -0.781
Percentage area covered by Built Environment 0.763     
Percentage of households practicing Composting     -0.702  
Percentage area covered by Forests 0.809     
Variation explained by each PC after rotation 32.6 23.4 10.9 9.6 8.9
  1. Extraction Method: Principal Component Analysis; Rotation Method: Varimax with Kaiser Normalization; Factors with loading coefficients < 0.70 have been suppressed