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Table 1 Estimates of parameters and initial values of variables in model (1)

From: The effect of control measures on COVID-19 transmission in Italy: Comparison with Guangdong province in China

Parameters Definition value Source
c Initial contact rate 15 Estimated
β Probability of successful transmission 0.1334 Estimated
θ Transmission probability reduction of asymptomatically infected individuals 0.1 Estimated
ρ Ratio of symptomatic infection 0.6 Estimated
q Quarantine rate of exposed individuals 0.415 Estimated
σ Transition rate of exposed individuals to the infected class 1/7 [33]
λ Rate at which the quarantined uninfected contacts are released 1/14 [22]
δI Transition rate of symptomatically infected individuals to the quarantined infected class 0.2257 Estimated
δq Transition rate of quarantined exposed individuals to the quarantined infected class 0.2 Estimated
γI Recovery rate of symptomatically infected individuals 0.02 Estimated
γA Recovery rate of asymptomatically infected individuals 0.07 Estimated
γH Recovery rate of quarantined infected individuals 0.0239 Estimated
α Disease-induced death rate 0.013 Estimated
N The total population 6.048×107 Data
E(0) Initial exposed population 26 Estimated
I(0) Initial symptomatically infected population 20 Estimated
A(0) Initial asymptomatically infected population 5 Estimated
Sq(0) Initial quarantined susceptible population 51 Estimated
Eq(0) Initial quarantined exposed population 13 Estimated
H(0) Initial quarantined infected population 3 Data
R(0) Initial recovered population 0 Data