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Table 1 Specification of the variables

From: Spatial inequality, characteristics of internal migration, and pulmonary tuberculosis in China, 2011–2017: a spatial analysis

Variables Description of observed variables Data source Period
SS + PTB Sputum smear-positive pulmonary TB National Notifiable Infectious Diseases Reporting Information System 2011–2017
POE The proportion of emigration in total population Report on China’s Migrant Population Development
POI The proportion of immigration in total population
POR The proportion of rural to urban migration in total population
POU The proportion of urban to rural migration in total population
PCGDP GDP per capita (10000RMB) China Statistical Yearbook
EDU The proportion of people with a college degree or above in total population
UR The proportion of urban population in total population
PD Population density (persons per square kilometres)
MF The ratio of male to female
BED The number of hospital beds
  1. TB tuberculosis, SS + PTB sputum smear-positive pulmonary TB, POE proportion of emigrants, POI proportion of immigrants, POR proportion of rural-to-urban migrants, POU proportion of urban-to-rural migrants, PCGDP gross domestic product per capita, EDU college degree or higher, MF the ratio of male to female, UR urbanization rate, PD population density, BED the number of hospital beds