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Table 1 Glossary of the operational definitions of TB treatment and costs

From: Out-of-pocket payments and economic consequences from tuberculosis care in eastern China: income inequality

Before TB treatmentBetween symptom onset and treatment initiation
During TB treatmentFrom treatment initiation up to treatment completion
Entire episode of TBBefore TB treatment and the treatment phases combined
Direct medical costsOOP costs of medical examinations and medicines linked to TB diagnosis and treatment incurred after any reimbursements made to patients
Direct non-medical costsCosts for transport, accommodation, food expenditures, and nutrition supplements due to TB
Direct costsDirect medical + direct non-medical costs
Indirect costsPatients’ and guardians’ lost income due to TB-related time off work during the TB episode, which was estimated using the time off work multiplied by the reported individual income prior to the onset of TB
Total costsDirect + indirect costs
  1. Abbreviations: TB Tuberculosis, OOP Out-of-pocket