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Table 4 Impoverishment impact of OOP tuberculosis-related payments

From: Out-of-pocket payments and economic consequences from tuberculosis care in eastern China: income inequality

CharacteristicIncome quartilesaTotal
Poverty headcount (%)
 Pre-payment (a)
 Post-payment (b)70.238.926.612.836.8
 Poverty impact (b)–(a)26.936.226.612.825.8
 Pre-payment (c)
 Post-payment (d)236.1179.7137.976.6156.9
 Poverty impact (d)–(c)128.6177.8137.976.6145.6
  1. aIncome quartiles are arranged from lower to higher (Q1 = lower; Q4 = higher). Abbreviations: Q1 1st Quartiles; Q2 2nd Quartiles; Q3 3rd Quartiles; Q4 4th Quartiles. OOP Out-of-pocket, USD United States Dollar