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Table 3 Knowledge of basic health staff and Vector-borne Diseases Control Program staff on “1-3-7” surveillance and response approach of malaria elimination in six selected townships for malaria elimination in Myanmar, 2017–2018

From: Challenges in early phase of implementing the 1-3-7 surveillance and response approach in malaria elimination setting: A field study from Myanmar

Knowledge on activities of “1-3-7” strategyNa(%)
Within 1 day: At local health facility434(95)
 Diagnosis with microscopy or RDT223(51)
 Case notification46(11)
 Diagnosis and Case notification61(14)
 Diagnosis and Treatment65(15)
 Case notification and Treatment2(0.5)
 Diagnosis, Case notification and Treatment33(8)
Within 3 days: Case investigation183(40)
 Case investigation178(97)
 Case classification1(1)
 Case investigation and classification4(2)
Within 7 days: Focus investigation194(43)
 Focus investigation101(52)
 Focus investigation and Response32(16)
  1. aOnly those who answered YES in having knowledge of activities on 1-3-7 approach