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Table 2 Proportions of malaria-positive tests by diagnostic methods among febrile patients consulting at Kobeni health centre in Hodh Elgharbi region, south-eastern Mauritania, during 2015–2017a

From: Malaria epidemiology in Kobeni department, southeastern Mauritania from 2015 to 2017

Plasmodium spp.Number (%) of patients
P. falciparum (Pf)1143 (99.7)1205 (88.5)
P. vivax (Pv)047 (3.5)
P. ovale2 (0.2)0
P. malariae (Pm)1 (0.1)3 (0.2)
Pf-Pv099 (7.3)
Pf-Pm06 (0.4)
Pf-Pv-Pm01 (0.07)
  1. aResults are expressed as the number of malaria-positive samples and the proportions of malaria species among 1146/2326 (49.3%) samples that were positive by microscopic examination and 1361/2281 (59.7%) samples that were positive by PCR
  2. bPCR was not performed in 45 febrile patients due to the absence of dried blood spots. RDT was positive for P. falciparum, with or without other Plasmodium spp., in 1232/2326 (53.0%)