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Fig. 2

From: Serological evidence of Toxoplasma gondii infection as potential risk for the development of lepromatous leprosy in an endemic area for both neglected tropical diseases in Brazil

Fig. 2

Detection of IgG anti-PGL-1 titers in patients, contacts and control samples. A WHO classification (PB- paucibacillary, MB- multibacillary); B Madrid classification (HC- healthy control, CT- contacts, TL- tuberculoid leprosy, IDL- indeterminate leprosy, DL- dimorph leprosy and LL- lepromatous leprosy); and C Ridley e Jopling (TL- tuberculoid leprosy, DT- dimorph tuberculoid, DD- dimorph dimorph, DV- dimorph lepromatous, LL- lepromatous leprosy

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