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Table 1 Characteristics of participating facilities

From: Identifying contextual determinants of problems in tuberculosis care provision in South Africa: a theory-generating case study

Site Urban/Rural Number of staff Staff responsible for screening TB Location of Sputum collection TB care person Monthly Average Number of patients* Monthly Average TB screening
PHC Facility 1a Rural 21 EN (Vital signs room) Outside Area 1 PN 4279 Not available
PHC Facility 2 a, b Rural 38 (17 CCGs)   Outside area 1 PN 4941 5000
PHC Facility 3a, b,* Urban 26 EN/ENA/PN (7 screening points) Outside area 1 PN 8377 Not available
PHC Facility 4b Rural 20 (10 CCGs) EN (Vital signs room) Outside area 1 PN 4492 2000
PHC Facility 5b Rural 18 (25 CCGs) EN (Vital signs room) Outside area 1 PN 5387 4000
PHC Facility 6b Rural 20 (17 CCGs) EN (Vital signs room) Outside area 1 PN 4826 2000
Hospital TB Outpatient 7a,* Rural 16 Referral only Outside area. Diagnostic sputum results received from PHC facilities All staff 1772 Not available
  1. PN professional nurse, EN enrolled nurse, ENA enrolled nurse assistant, CCG community caregiver, PHC primary healthcare, TB tuberculosis
  2. aFacilities and hospital included in first stage of data collection
  3. bFacilities included in second stage of data collection
  4. * January 2018 to January 2019