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Table 1 Epidemiologic data collected for the XFD outbreak

From: Coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak in Beijing’s Xinfadi Market, China: a modeling study to inform future resurgence response

Categories Case numbers
Total infected cases during XFD outbreak 368
Key population
 Number of individuals in key population 546 000
 Number of Infections identified from key population 272
 Number of Infections identified via key population management 224
Close contacts
 Number of close contacts 6607
 Number of close contacts with home-based quarantine 1055
 Number of close contacts with centralized quarantine 5552
 Number of infected close contacts 84
 Number of infected cases identified via contact tracing 42
Expanded nucleic acid screening
 Number of people conducted nucleic acid screening 10 878 289
 Number of Infected cases identified via expanded nucleic acid screening 28
Other methods
 Number of target population 10 111 711
 Infected cases identified 76