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Fig. 4

From: Mapping the viruses belonging to the order Bunyavirales in China

Fig. 4

Source data are provided in Additional file 2

Recorded and predicted risk distribution of CCHFV presence in China. A Records of CCHFV were all from literature review. An occurrence record was defined as one or more con-firmed infection(s) with CCHFV at a unique location (the same administrative district or 10 km × 10 km pixel for points) regardless of the type of hosts, detection methods or time points with positive detection. The CCHFV occurrence records detected by serological methods were marked by green, otherwise it turned into red or blue if the records were detected by molecular methods and virus isolation. The coordinates of centroid points were both displayed for administrative district or 10 km × 10 km pixel level records. B Predicted risk distribution of CCHFV after averaged 100 boot-strapping BRT models.

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