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Table 1 Summary of tick defensins and defensin-like peptides

From: Defensins as a promising class of tick antimicrobial peptides: a scoping review

Tick families Tick species Name GenBank accession No References
Argasidae (soft ticks) O. moubata Defensin A BAB41028 [9]
O. moubata Defensin B BAB41027
O. moubata Defensin C BAC22074 [46]
O. moubata Defensin D BAC22073
O. papillipes Defensin A ACJ04425 [35]
O. papillipes Defensin B ACJ04426
O. papillipes Defensin D ACJ04427
O. puertoricensis Defensin A ACJ04429
O. puertoricensis Defensin B ACJ04430
O. rostratus Defensin A ACJ04428
O. tartakovskyi Defensin A ACJ04431
  O. tartakovskyi Defensin B ACJ04432  
O. turicata Defensin A QIG55621 [27]
O. turicata Defensin B QIG55622
O. turicata Defensin C QIG55623
O. turicata Defensin D QIG55624
Ixodidae (hard ticks) A. americanum Amercin ABI74752 [36]
A. hebraeum Defensin protein 1 AAR97290 [25]
A. hebraeum Defensin protein 2 AAR97291
D. marginatus Defensin ACJ04433 [35]
D. reticulatus Defensin ACJ04434
D. silvarum Ds-defensin AJG42673 [38]
D. silvarum Defensin-like protein QJD21999 [28]
D. variabilis Varisin A1 AAO24323 [58]
D. variabilis Defensin 2 AAO18363 [62]
H. longicornis Longicin BAD93183 [37]
  H. longicornis Midgut defensin ABO28925 [69]
H. longicornis Salivaryglands defensin ABO28926
H. longicornis Longicornsin ACC95997 [70]
H. longicornis Male-specific defensin AEG42401 [73]
H. longicornis Hemolymph defensin BAX73647 [71]
H. longicornis Defensin DFS1 ATN39847 [74]
H. longicornis Defensin DFS2 ATN39848
I. holocyclus Holosin 1 QEO24725 [41]
I. holocyclus Holosin 2 QEO24726
I. holocyclus Holosin 3 QEO24727
I. holocyclus Holosin 4 QEO24728
I. holocyclus Holosin 5 QEO24729
  I. persulcatus Persulcatusin BAH09304 [75]
I. ricinus Def1 AAP94724 [80]
I. ricinus Def2 ABC88432
I. ricinus Defensin MT3 AIR77174 [26]
I. ricinus Defensin MT4 AIR77175
I. scapularis Scapularisin-1 EEC08934 [23]
I. scapularis Scapularisin-3 EEC13914
I. scapularis Scapularisin-5 EEC08933
I. scapularis Scapularisin-6 EEC08935
I. scapularis Scapularisin-16 EEC17916
I. scapularis Scapularisin-19 EEC01374
I. scapularis Scapularisin-20 EEC17844 [23]
I. scapularis Scapularisin-22 EEC03289
I. scapularis Scasin-1 EEC18782
R. microplus Defensin AAO48943 [40]
  1. O.-Ornithodoros; A.-Amblyomma; D.-Dermacentor; H.-Haemaphysalis; I.-Ixodes; R.-Rhipicephalus