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Table 1 Cost definitions used in the study

From: Household catastrophic payments for tuberculosis care in Nigeria: incidence, determinants, and policy implications for universal health coverage

Variable Definition
Direct cost Out-of-pocket payment for TB services and those incurred in the pathway to care to access the service. These include user fees, consultation fees, laboratory test fees, travel costs, food costs, and other costs.
Household cost For each patient, this is the sum of patient direct pre-diagnosis cost, direct coping cost, direct post-diagnosis cost, and direct DOTS-supporter cost.
Coping cost Costs incurred by patients who attempted to cope with the costs of TB care by borrowing money or selling their assets. It is estimated as a sum of interest paid for loans and/or the difference in the market value of assets sold.
DOTS-supporter cost The direct costs incurred by family members looking after/accompanying the patient during care.
Pre-diagnosis/ diagnosis cost The direct costs incurred in the period between the onset of symptoms up until the diagnosis of TB.
Post-diagnosis cost The direct costs incurred in the period from the start to the completion of the intensive phase of treatment (approximately two months).
  1. TB = tuberculosis; DOTS = directly observed treatment short-course strategy.