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Figure 2

From: Molecular evidence on the occurrence of co-infection with Pichia guilliermondii and Wuchereria bancrofti in two filarial endemic districts of India

Figure 2

Micrographs of P. guilliermondii isolated from the blood stream of microfilaraemic patient residing in the two studied filarial endemic districts in West Bengal, India. A. Phase contrast micrograph showing P. guilliermondii cells with W. bancrofti after they have been co-cultured for a period of 24 hours. B. Phase contrast micrograph showing characteristic morphology of P. guilliermondii grown under optimum condition in pure culture. C. Scanning electron micrograph showing typical single cell morphology of P. guilliermondii grown in pure culture. D. Scanning electron micrograph showing fungal pseudohyphae after 72 hours of growth in pure culture on modified YPD agar.

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