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Table 1 Current status of some of the major parasitic diseases in mainland China and Taiwan

From: Cross-strait parasitological research priorities arrived at by historical tracking and advanced dialogue

  Mainland China Taiwan
Malaria A total of 2,718 cases including 2,474 imported cases (901 Pv and 1,403 Pf) in 2012 Successful eradication since 1965
Leishmaniasis A mean of about 400 cases per year with 97.71% of cases concentrated in the Xinjiang, Gansu and Sichuan provinces NI
Schistosomiasis 13 acute cases in 2012 and approximately 68 million individuals at risk Schistosoma japonicum Taiwan Changhua strain infects some mammal animals and rarely affects humans
Filariasis The elimination of filariasis confirmed by the WHO in 2005 Eradication of bancroftian filariasis in Kinmen since 1978
Intestinal helminthiasis Well-controlled intestinal helminthiasis, with 6.9 million infected people in 2012 Rare (about 0.4% infection rate) in most regions in Taiwan except for the mountain regions
Clonorchiasis 15 million people infected with clonorchiasis NI
Cysticercosis 7 million people infected with cysticercosis and 550,000 people infected with taeniasis NI
Echinococcosis 380,000 cases of echinococcosis in 7 western provinces NI
Trichinellosis 20 million people infected with trichinellosis NI
Others 400 angiostrongyliasis cases NI
  1. NI: no information.