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Table 5 Ecohealth courses taught in universities in the region

From: Ecohealth research in Southeast Asia: past, present and the way forward

Training Host institution Countries and partners involved
Ecohealth degree trainings: Mahidol University (pending) Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Laos, Malaysia
• MSc in One Health and Ecosystem Management CMU (with UMN)
• MSc in Global Health
Ecohealth short courses: HSPH, KMU, UI, Mahidol, UGM, CMU, ILRI, VWB/VSF Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Malaysia
• Concept of Ecohealth
• Ecohealth and risk assessment
• Ecohealth and food safety
• Global Health True Leader
• Emerging Zoonotic Diseases (EZDs)
Integrated Ecohealth in existing modules: HSPH, KMU, UI, Mahidol Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, China
• Environmental Health
• Epidemiology
• Food safety and nutrition
  1. CMU: Chiang Mai University, Thailand.
  2. UGM: Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia.
  3. UI: Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia.
  4. KMU: Kunming Medical University.
  5. HSPH: Hanoi School of Public Health.
  6. ILRI: International Livestock Research Institute.
  7. VSF: Veterinarians Without Borders, Canada.