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Table 3 Summary of findings of recent similar studies done in other South Asian countries

From: A study of the correlation between dengue and weather in Kandy City, Sri Lanka (2003 -2012) and lessons learned

Place Year published Study period Dengue notified/seropositive Weather variables studied Correlation identified
1. Dhaka, Bangladesh [29] 2014 2000–2010 Notified dengue cases Tmax, Tmin, rainfall, R.H. Monthly temperature and humidity were significantly associated with monthly dengue incidence with highest lag effect of four months.
2. Tamil Nadu, (South) India [30] 2013 2000–2008 Notified dengue cases Monthly mean Tmax and Tmin, rainfall Rainfall and temperature influence dengue incidence. Climatic variance in high incidence and low incidence years does not show any difference. Both rain and drought are conducive to surges of dengue.
3. Dhaka, Bangladesh [31] 2012 2000–2008 Notified dengue cases Rainfall, Tmax, R.H. Rainfall, Tmax, and R.H. significantly correlated with monthly reported dengue cases.
4. Lahore (North), Pakistan [32] 2012 2007–2011 Seropositive dengue Tmin, Tmean, rainfall, R.H. Tmin, Tmean, R.H., and rainfall all had significant positive correlation with dengue with four-, six-, and eight-week lags. Strongest correlation with rainfall was with an eight-week lag. Tmax had no significant correlation.
5. Lucknow, (North) India [33] 2012 2008–2010 Seropositive dengue (hospital-based study) Tmin, Tmax. R.H Rainfall No statically significant correlation between dengue and weather variables.
6. Manipur, (North East) India [34] 2012 2007–2008 Seropositive dengue Tmin, Tmax, morning and afternoon R.H., rainfall Dengue has not been reported in Manipur until the 2007 outbreak. Changes in the weather were studied between 2005 and 2008, compared to 2000–2004. A significant increase in Tmin, rise of morning R.H, a decrease of afternoon RH, and a decrease of rainfall was found in the 2005–2008 period.
7. Karachi, (South) Pakistan [16] 2011 2005–2009 Notified dengue Rainfall, R.H., temperature Ambient temperature, humidity and post-monsoon rain results increased mosquito activity with consequential higher incidence of dengue.
  1. Tmax = maximum temperature; Tmin = minimum temperature; Tmean = mean temperature; R.H. = relative humidity