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Table 1 Ebola-related search queries at the global and national levels, December 2013 – June 2015

From: Assessing Ebola-related web search behaviour: insights and implications from an analytical study of Google Trends-based query volumes

Country Top Ebola-related queries RSV Ebola-related rising queries Increase (%)
Global virus ebola 100 dallas ebola breakout
  ebola symptoms 30 ebola 2014 breakout
  ebola news 20 ebola texas +850 %
  el ebola 20 ebola patient +400 %
  ebola outbreak 20 ebola in us +300 %
Liberia liberia ebola 100 ebola in liberia breakout
  ebola in liberia 65 ebola news breakout
  ebola virus 45 ebola outbreak breakout
  ebola news 40 ebola outbreak liberia breakout
  liberia news ebola 25 ebola update breakout
Sierra Leone ebola sierra leone 100 about ebola breakout
  ebola update 50 ebola cases breakout
  ebola news 35 ebola latest news breakout
  ebola virus 20 ebola new breakout
  about ebola 20 ebola news breakout
Guinea virus ebola 100 ebola conakry breakout
  ebola guinee 95 ebola en guinee breakout
  ebola en guinee 55 ebola en guinée breakout
  ebola guinée 55 ebola guinee breakout
  fievre ebola 50 ebola guinée breakout
Mali ebola mali 100 ebola au mali breakout
  virus ebola 50 ebola mali breakout
  ebola au mali 45 fievre ebola breakout
  fievre ebola 20 virus ebola breakout
Nigeria ebola virus 100 about ebola breakout
  ebola nigeria 50 ebola cure breakout
  ebola in nigeria 40 ebola disease breakout
  what ebola 25 ebola in nigeria breakout
  ebola news 20 ebola latest breakout
Senegal ebola senegal 100 ebola au senegal breakout
  ebola virus 85 ebola dakar breakout
  ebola au senegal 30 ebola senegal breakout
  ebola dakar 25 ebola virus breakout
  guinee ebola 20 guinee ebola breakout
United States ebola virus 100 ebola 2014 breakout
  ebola symptoms 50 ebola dallas breakout
  ebola outbreak 40 ebola nurse breakout
  what is ebola 35 ebola texas +750 %
  ebola us 30 ebola usa +450 %
Spain el ebola 100 caso ebola breakout
  ebola españa 75 ebola 2014 breakout
  ebola en españa 50 ebola en españa breakout
  noticias ebola 35 ebola enfermera breakout
  ebola virus 30 ebola españa breakout
Italy virus 100 caso ebola breakout
  ebola virus 95 ebola 2014 breakout
  ebola italia 95 ebola africa breakout
  ebola sintomi 80 ebola in italia breakout
  ebola in italia 40 ebola italia breakout
United Kingdom virus ebola 100 ebola in uk breakout
  ebola symptoms 65 ebola nurse breakout
  ebola uk 65 ebola uk +400 %
  ebola news 40 ebola news +250 %
  what is ebola 40 bbc news ebola +180 %