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Table 2 Classification of dengue cases according to WHO 2009 guidelines

From: Presence of three dengue serotypes in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso): research and public health implications

Diagnosis according to WHO 2009 classification Laboratory investigation N Proportion (%)
No dengue   234 61.7
Presumptivea dengue without warning signs 36 9.5
Presumptivea dengue with warning signs 68 17.9
Probable dengue without warning signs IgG positive 7 1.8
IgG and IgM positive 11 2.9
Probable dengue with warning signs IgG positive 1 0.3
IgG and IgM positive 5 1.3
Confirmed dengue without warning signs PCR positif 7 1.8
AgNS1 and PCR positive 3 0.8
Confirmed dengue with warning signs AgNS1 positive 2 0.6
PCR positive 3 0.8
AgNS1 and PCR positive 2 0.6
  1. a According to WHO 2009 guidelines, a presumptive diagnosis is part of the assessment of the case and is only clinically based (i.e., based on signs and symptoms)