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Table 1 Comparisons of A/Environment/Jiangxi/26/2009(H11N9) with Isolates in GenBank with highest nucleotide and amino acid identity

From: Detection of reassortant avian influenza A (H11N9) virus in environmental samples from live poultry markets in China

Gene segment Virus with the highest nucleic acid homology Percent homology (%) GenBank ID
PB2 A/velvet A/scoter/Mongolia/883 V/2009(H4N6) 99 KC986346.1
PB1 A/mallard/Korea/GH170/2007(H7N7) 99 FJ750870.1
PA A/duck/Jiangxi/25186/2009(H7N6) 98 KF260253.1
HA A/duck/Chiba/11/2007(H11N9) 99 AB669139.1
NP A/northern pintail/Hong Kong/MPC2085/2007(H11N9) 98 KF259789.1
NA A/duck/Vietnam/G30/2008(H11N9) 99 AB593465.1
M A/duck/Jiangxi/16326/2010(H7N7) 99 KF259249.1
NS1 A/duck/Nanjing/1102/2010(H4N6) 99 KC683707.1