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Table 3 Prevention and control strategies of clonorchiasis proposed by CDC, WHO and NHFPC

From: Current status and perspectives of Clonorchis sinensis and clonorchiasis: epidemiology, pathogenesis, omics, prevention and control

CDC Do not eat raw or undercooked freshwater fish, cooking fish adequately (internal temperature > 63 °C), freezing (≤ −20 °C for 7 days; ≤ −35 °C for 15 h). [108]
WHO Recommending veterinary public health measures and food safety practices to reduce the risk of infection, improving safe and effective of anthelminthic medicines to control morbidity. [109]
NHFPC Improving the coverage of norms anthelmintic drugs and the sanitary toilets; increasing the rates of knowledge about prevention and control of parasitic and health behavior, improving the qualified rate of medical personnel in the township (town) or village. [110]