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Table 1 The GenBank accession numbers of G protein genes from RV obtained in this study

From: Bites from the same dog, different outcomes for two patients: a case report

Name of genes GenBank accession No. Source Geographic origin Year
CVS-11 EU126641 Cattle France 1882
SAD M31046 Dog Alabama, America 1935
ERA J02293 Dog Alabama, America 1935
PV M13215 Cattle France 1882
3aG L04522 Dog Beijing, China 1931
RC-HL D14873 Dog France 1882
HEP-Flury AB085828 Human Georgia, America 1939
PM AJ871962 Cattle France 1882
8743THA AF401285 Human Thailand 1983
CTN AY009100 Human Shandong, China 1956
Henan Hb10 EU267753 Dog Henan, China 2008
Henan Sq59 EU267759 Dog Henan, China 2008
Henan Jss KP221203 Human Henan, China 2012
Henan Sq10 EU267756 Dog Henan, China 2008
Henan Sq21 EU267757 Dog Henan, China 2008
0406SEN EU293108 Eidolon helvum Senegal 1985
MOKV HM623780 Crocidura sp Zimbabwe 1981
94286SA EU293120 Miniopterus South Africa 1981
03002FRA EU293109 Eptesicus serotinus France 2003
RV1333 EF157977 Human United Kingdom 2002
ABLb NC_003243 Bat Australia 1996