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Table 1 Repartition of study sites and sample collection for malaria and schistosomiasis specimens

From: Study roadmap for high-throughput development of easy to use and affordable biomarkers as diagnostics for tropical diseases: a focus on malaria and schistosomiasis

   China Ghana Kenya Nigeria
(Number of parasite-infected individual specimens)
Parasite-infected individual specimens P. falciparum 150a 150c 150d 150f,g
P. vivax/other species 150a 50c 50d 50f,g
S. japonicum 150b Not required Not required Not required
S. haematobium Not required 150c 150d 150f,g
S. mansoni Not required 150c 150e 150g
  1. aTengchong County, Yunnan Province, China-Myanmar endemic border areas [32]
  2. bGuichi and Tongling Counties, Anhui Province, Lake Region, Mid-East [33]
  3. cHo City, Ho Municipal District, Volta Region [27, 28]
  4. dMsambweni, Kwale County, Coast Region [23, 25]
  5. eKangundo, Machakos County, Eastern Region [23]
  6. fOkorodu/Badagry Districts, Lagos State [24, 26, 45]
  7. gWamako/Wurno Districts, Sokoto State [24, 26, 45]