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Fig. 1

From: Utilizing the ultrasensitive Schistosoma up-converting phosphor lateral flow circulating anodic antigen (UCP-LF CAA) assay for sample pooling-strategies

Fig. 1

Schematic of the UCP-LF CAA assay. Clinical samples as blood (whole blood, serum or plasma, eluted dry blood stains) and urine are extracted with TCA. (i) After centrifugation, sensitivity can be boosted by concentration of the TCA-sup using ultra-centrifugal filtration devices, e.g. applicable for sample pooling purposes. TCA-sup is incubated with the MαCAA-UCP reporter conjugate (400 nm YOS particles); (ii) incubation can be omitted when using nano-sized (< 100 nm)YF particles. Following incubation the mixture is applied to a LF strip with CAA-capture line. LF strips are analysed using e.g. battery operated portable readers for single strip interrogation (UCP-Quant) or the benchtop multistrip readers (UPCON), provided with an IR excitation source and appropriate software

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