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Table 2 Descriptions of economic evaluation studies

From: Impact, economic evaluation, and sustainability of integrated vector management in urban settings to prevent vector-borne diseases: a scoping review

Study Intervention Study design Comparison Variable of interest Time horizon
Maheu-Giroux & Castro [45] Larviciding, vector surveillance and control CE Three different scenarios (incidences) Infections averted, deaths prevented and DALY 10 years
Orellano & Pedroni [36] Fogging plus control of immature mosquitoes CB Control: areas without intervention CV 3 months
Baly et al. [28] Entomological surveillance, inspection, larviciding, adulticiding, health education, and control legislation CE Control: areas without intervention Larval indices 3 years
Shepard et al. [24] Education campaigns, larviciding and adulticiding CB & CU Control: areas without intervention CB: CV
5 years
  1. CE Cost-effectiveness, CB Cost-benefit, CU Cost-utility, QALY Quality adjusted life years, CV Monetary terms, calculated by contingency valuations, DALY Disability-adjusted life years