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Table 2 Frequency of simultaneous mutations at codon I1532T and F1534S in Ae. albopictus of BS and YP populations from China

From: Correlation between adult pyrethroid resistance and knockdown resistance (kdr) mutations in Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) field populations in China

Population n (Wild+mutant) type (Mutant+mutant) type
I/I + F/S I/I + S/S I/T + F/F T/T + F/F I/T + F/S
BS 137 39(28.06) 9(6.47) 18(12.95) 1(0.72) 5(3.60)
YP 125 38(30.40) 18(14.40) 20(16.00) 3(2.40) 19(15.20)
  1. Note: n indicates the sample number. Data outside brackets is the number of individuals; data inside brackets means its frequency (%)