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Table 3 Databases used by the VERDAS consortium and their main specificities or limitations

From: Approach to identifying research gaps on vector-borne and other infectious diseases of poverty in urban settings: scoping review protocol from the VERDAS consortium and reflections on the project’s implementation

Databases used Field of research / Interest Specificities or possible limitations
CINAHL Health / Nursing Most records are citations only
Cochrane Library Health / Biomedical Only systematic reviews
EconLit Economics Cover all economics-related fields of research
Embase Health / Biomedical Strong focus on drug and pharmaceutical research
Global Health Public Health Strong focus on public health practice internationally
LILACS Health / Biomedical Only Spanish-speaking literature
Medline Health / Biomedical Very similar to PubMed, updated weekly
OpenGrey Multidisciplinary grey literature Strong focus on literature produced in Europe
PubMed Health / Biomedical Very similar to Medline, updated daily
Scopus Multidisciplinary World’s largest abstract and citation database, may be difficult to find full text
GreyLit Health grey literature No longer updated since January 2017
Google Scholar Multidisciplinary No advanced search possible, nor saving searches, nor exporting results; same search may lead to different results
Web of Science Multidisciplinary Based on citations, very broad; full text may be difficult to find
WHOLIS WHO databases Only WHO documentation; impossible to save searches and export results