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Table 1 Recent surveys and reports documenting LLIN access within the general and mobile populations in Cambodia

From: Assessment of net lending strategy to better reach mobile and migrant populations in malaria endemic areas of Cambodia

Survey Salient findings
Achievements of National Malaria Control Program, 20121 • The LLIN coverage in farms was through a strategy of distributing the nets to farm owners through a net loaning scheme. In 2012, a reported 2109 farm owners employing 15 768 migrants received 244 678 LLINs and 5044 hammock nets
• 99.7% of households reporting having at least one net of any type
• 77.8% of households having at least one insecticide-treated net
• 53% of households in at risk areas had sufficient nets (one net per two people)
Cambodian malaria survey in 20132 • 49.9% reported sleeping under an insecticide-treated net the previous night
• 57.3%, living in less than 2 km from the forest reporting sleeping under an LLIN the previous night
• 43% of people who slept overnight in the forest in the previous six months reporting using an ITN on their last trip to the forest
Survey by PSI Cambodia in 2013, in plantations in 17 malaria endemic provinces • 40% had experience with net lending schemes
• Over 70% of all workers come with their families while very few enterprises (20%) had health services for their workers on site. Of those with on-site health facilities, only 22% and 34% respectively had malaria testing and treatment services available3.
KAP Survey by PFD, 2014 • 69% (20% ITN, 46% LLIN, 3% treated hammock net) of plantation and company workers in Koh Kong and Kratie provinces slept under a treated net the previous night
  1. LLIN Long lasting insecticide treated net, ITN Insecticide treated net, PSI Population Services International, KAP Knowledge attitude and practice, PFD Partners for Development
  2. 1Achievements of National Malaria Control Program 2012. Annual Conference of National Center for Malaria Control, Parasitology and Entomology . 21–22 Mar 2013, NAGA WORLD Hotel, Phnom Penh. Presentation by: Dr. Po Ly, National Centre for Malaria Control, Parasitology and Entomology, (CNM), Cambodia.
  3. 2 . Publication date: 1st August 2015
  4. 3PSI Cambodia. The PPM Program & Private Plantations Preliminary data. Slide Presentation at the National Malaria Drug Policy Meeting. Phnom Penh: Cambodia; 30–31 January 2014