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Table 1 Street rabies virus strains used in this study

From: Establishment of a Chinese street rabies virus library and its application for detecting neutralizing activity

Code Host Province Code Host Province
CHN0610H Human Hunan CNX8601 Human Ningxia
CHN0633D Dog Hunan CNX8511 Human Ningxia
CHN0635H Human Hunan GDZQ45 Dog Guangdong
CYN1009D Dog Yunnan GDZQ46 Dog Guangdong
CYN1003C Cow Yunnan CSC1015D Dog Sichuan
CYN1025H Human Yunnan CSC1016D Dog Sichuan
CJX0903D Dog Jiangxi CSX0904D Dog Shanxi
CJS0621D Dog Jiangsu CSX0901D Dog Shanxi
CJS0840H Human Jiangsu GuangxiCx14 Dog Guangxi
CJS0847D Dog Jiangsu CAH0501D Dog Anhui
CSD0710D Dog Shandong D19 Ferret badger Zhejiang
CQH1202D Cow Inner Mongolia CNM1103C Dog Qinghai