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Table 5 Haplotypes of South American Biomphalaria straminea complex, their location of collection and GenBank accession numbers

From: Morphological and molecular characterization of invasive Biomphalaria straminea in southern China

Haplotype Location Isolate Accession numbers
H5522 Angioquia/Colombia BK5522 MF491799
H2249 Pernambuco/Brazil BS2249 MF491800
H2248 Pernambuco/Brazil BS2248 MF491801
H231 Minas Gerais/Brazil BS231 MF491802
H230 Minas Gerais/Brazil BS230 MF491803
H397 Para/Brazil BS397 MF491804
H3363 Distrito Federal/Brazil BS3363 MF491805
H2250 Pernambuco/Brazil BS2250 MF491806
H1859 Minas Gerais/Brazil BS1859 MF491807
H2161 São Paulo/Brazil BI2161 MF491808
H163 Minas Gerais/Brazil BI163 MF491809
H597 Minas Gerais/Brazil BI597 MF491810
H2160 São Paulo/Brazil BI2160 MF491811
H598 Minas Gerais/Brazil BI598 MF491812
H599 Minas Gerais/Brazil BI599 MF491813