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Table 1 Focus group discussions in Yichang City

From: The impact of increased reimbursement rates under the new cooperative medical scheme on the financial burden of tuberculosis patients

FGDs Participants Main content
Health care providers Senior administrators from TB or infectious disease section, health insurance section, and hospital information section; one doctor and one nurse responsible for TB care. Issues included the financing and expenditure of TB care, provision of TB services, views and suggestions on patient diagnosis and treatment management process and inter-departmental cooperation mechanism
TB patients Six patients who had completed a treatment course and could clearly express their thoughts. Sex, age group, geographic location of residence, and socio-economic status were considered. Questions regarding their diagnosis and treatment, expenses and reimbursement related to TB care, and their subjective feelings about their financial burden and the impacts of the project on their financial burden.
  1. FGDs Focus group discussions, TB Tuberculosis