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Table 1 The intervention components, program outputs and outcomes, and associated indicators for the PMTCT of HBV component of the national programme on PMTCT of HIV, syphilis, and HBV in China

From: Outcomes of the national programme on prevention of mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B virus in China, 2016–2017

Intervention component Program output Indicator Program outcome Indicator
Pregnant Women
HBV screening of pregnant women attending antenatal care Screening of pregnant women for HBsAg Coverage of HBV screening for pregnant women   
HBV-exposed Infants
HBIG 100 IU within 24 h of birth Timely birth-dose (within 24 h of birth) of HBIG Timely HBIG coverage (proportion of HBV-exposed infants receiving timely birth-dose of HBIG) Reduction in HBV MTCT HBsAg positivity amongst HBV-exposed infants in 1 year (MTCT rate)
Three-dose HBvacc (provided by EPI) Timely HBvacc-BD (within 24 h of birth) Timely HBvacc-BD coverage (proportion of HBV-exposed infants receiving timely HBvacc-BD) Sero-protection from immunization Anti-HBs positivity amongst HBV-exposed infants within 7–12 months (sero-protection rate)
Completion of the second and third dose HBvacc (after 1 month and 6 month of birth) Proportion HBV-exposed infants completing three-dose HBvacc series   
  1. PMTCT prevention of mother-to-child transmission, HBV hepatitis B virus, HBsAg hepatitis B surface antigen, HBIG hepatitis B immunoglobulin, IU international unit, HBvacc-BD hepatitis B vaccine birth dose, MTCT mother-to-child transmission, HBvacc hepatitis B vaccine, EPI expanded programme on immunization, anti-HBs hepatitis B surface antibody