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Table 2 Summary of clinical and serological information on latent and past yaws cases (n = 10)

From: Yaws in the Philippines: first reported cases since the 1970s

Study siteAgeSexDPP resultTPPA titerHistory & skin findings
Treponemal antibodyNon-treponemal antibodyControlInterpretationClinical diagnosisPatient group
Site A, Datu Piang, Maguindanao27FReactiveReactivePositiveReactive
Active & untreatedLatent yawsHHClaims she had yaws during childhood; scars noted
 39FReactiveReactivePositiveReactive 1:320Active & untreatedLatent yawsHHClaims she had yaws in childhood; dark brown patches/plaques on dorsum of feet
Site B Kabuntalan, Maguindanao42FReactiveNRPositiveReactive
Past/ treatedPast YawsHHClaims she had yaws lesions before; atrophic scars on knees
Site F, Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat33MReactiveReactivePositiveReactive 1:320Active & untreatedLatent yawsCommunitySchool teacher; recalls he had yaws skin lesions in the past; (+)VDRL in 2006; given unrecalled injectable during a medical mission; no other household members with yaws lesions; No yaws skin lesions; (+) psoriasiform plaque on nape
 36FReactiveReactivePositive Active & untreatedLatent yawsHHMother of yaws case; No skin lesions noted
 40MReactiveWeakly ReactivePositive Active & untreatedLatent yawsHHFather of yaws case; No skin lesions note
Site H Tulunan, Cotabato32FReactiveReactivePositiveReactive 1:320Active & untreatedLatent yawsCommunityRecurrent pruritic papules on arms and legs after working in the fields; No yaws skin lesions; Dx. post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation due to allergic contact dermatitis
Site J Pigkawayan, Cotabato23FWeakly reactiveReactivePositiveReactive 1:320Active & untreatedLatent yawsHH(+)VDRL in the past; aunt of student
 42FWeakly reactiveNRPositiveReactive 1:320Past/treatedPast YawsHH(+)VDRL in the past; no skin lesions noted
 80MReactiveReactivePositiveReactive 1:160Active & untreatedLatent yawsHHNo skin lesions noted
  1. F Female, M Male, NR Non-reactive, HH Household. DPP Dual Path Platform Syphilis Screen and Confirm Assay, TPPA Treponema Pallidum Particle Agglutination, VDRL Venereal Disease Research Laboratory test.