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Table 3 Level of knowledge about schistosomiasis in the two villages

From: Elimination of schistosomiasis requires multifactorial diagnostics: evidence from high- and low-prevalence areas in the Nile Delta, Egypt

Knowledge QuestionKnowledge level (Percentage)
What is bilharziasis?27.746.015.69.656.744.4
Which organs are severely affected?8.613.021.026.660.460.4
How do people get infected?5.33.541.623.953.172.6
How does bilharzia infect via canal water?17.410.648.263.034.426.4
Which sources pollute the canal water?36.629.03.58.859.661.2
How does human excreta reach the canal?64.079.520.514.415.56.1
What, and where are snail habitat?40.555.
What is the role of snails in the life cycle?58.968.92.82.638.328.5
How can one identify bilharziasis?21.833.831.328.547.037.7
What are the types of available treatment0.
How can one be sure of cure after being treated?21.938.611.623.766.537.9
How can you protect water stream from Bilharzia?33.641.
How can you protect yourself From Bilharzia?
Overall Knowledge43.859.235.530.420.710.4
  1. The total maximum score equaled 31: satisfactory (≥ 75%), Unsatisfactory (74–50%) and poor (< 50%)