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Table 1 Patients’ demographic and baseline characteristics

From: Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis transmission among middle school students in Zhejiang Province, China

Code of PatientAgeaSexRelationshipComplains of TB symptomsDiagnostic timeDiscovery delaybResistant patterncTSTdTreatment outcome
N174MaleNeighbor15 February 201121 April 2011Failure
N261MaleNeighbor18 January 201218 February 2012H/R/E/SFailure
N364MaleNeighbor27 September 20139 October 2013Failure
N459FemaleNeighbor18 June 201515 July 2015Failure
Index patient (Xu)16Female1 March 20148 April 201437 daysH/R/E/SCure
P1 (Zhao)15MaleClassmates15 January 20162 April 201677 daysH/R/E/SNegativeCure
P2 (Jiang)16FemaleClassmates12 March 20165 April 201623 daysH/R/E/SNegativeCure
P3 (Zhang)17FemaleClassmates1 December 201621 February 201781 daysH/R/E/SNegativeCure
  1. aThe record of the age of the patient was at the diagnostic time
  2. bDiscovery delay refers to the days between the time of diagnosis and symptoms
  3. cAbbreviations: H isoniazid, R rifampicin, E ethambutol, S streptomycin, N1, N3, and N4 without DST results
  4. dTST, tuberculin skin test; index patient, N1, N3, and N4 had no accepted TST test
  5. -: not applicable