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Table 1 Interventions randomized to each study arm

From: Fostering social innovation and building adaptive capacity for dengue control in Cambodia: a case study

Intervention type Intervention component Intervention short description Arm 1 Arm 2 Arm 3
Schools Village Schools Village Schools Village
Biophysical Vector control Autocidal gravid ovitraps (AGO)   
Biological control Guppy distribution   
Solid waste management Larval source control through improved solid waste management   
Empowerment/Adaptive-capacity Education and training Place-based educational campaign on dengue disease; vector biology; ecology, and control; role of solid waste, clean water & health relationships     
Communication & Behaviour change Communication for Behavioural Impact using multipronged communication channels including interpersonal communication through volunteers, folk or local media and mass media.     
Participatory mapping Map co-creation as a tool for community ownership of dengue decentralized surveillance and management